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This is Jaxs. He is a six year old long hair shaded creamed.  He is about 9 lbs. 
Dam:  Shaded Cream Long Hair
Sire: Shaded Cream Long Hair 

PRA carrier

This is Red.  He is a seven year old long hair red piebald.  He is about 14 lbs. 
Dam: Red Piebald Smooth Coat
Sire:  Red Piebald Long Coat
PRA cleared


This is Duke. He is a four year old smooth coat black and tan that carries for pie.

Dam: Black and Tan Dapple

Sire: Black and Tan 

PRA cleard

This is Snoop.  He is a two year chocolate smooth.

Sire: Black & Tan Brindle

Dam: Chocolate & Tan Dapple

PRA cleared.

Embark test pending.

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