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My name is Kim Bernstein of Lovell, Wyoming.  I am small local breeder of dachshunds. My goal is to raise quality dogs for caring and loving homes.  I am specialize in smooth, long and wire-haired dachshunds with lots of color, such as dapples and piebalds.  


My dogs are part of the family.  They are raised in the home and socialized with other dogs and humans as well.  They are allowed to run in a big open yard.  They get to go for walks and Gator rides on our twenty acre property.  They are exposed to chickens, cows and our giant labs. They loved to snuggle on our laps and sleep on the furniture. 

My dogs are seen yearly by vet, up-to-date on vaccines, yearly dental, and wormed monthly.   It is very important that they are in the best of health. 

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